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Work Experience and Career Goals

My previous work experience in the communications field is all in event planning. I worked with the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh in the summer of 2010 as an event planning associate. I worked in the Carnegie Science Center mostly carrying out and coordinating birthday parties. The parties age ranged from one year of age to eighty years of age. I also worked at the Warhol Museum doing parties and wedding receptions. I began in May 2010 and finished in August 2010 in order to go back to school in the fall to finish my degrees.

I still currently work at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts as the Assistant to the Director of Special Events.  I began working there in June 2010. Here, I aid in the planning of events and the execution of the events. During the summer we mostly did weddings, usually two a weekend from May until September. On top of those events we also had other types of parties, functions,  and meetings to plan and execute.

My career goals are split, I would enjoy working in any of the following areas:

 Event Planning

 Casting Agent


I have experience in the event planning field doing everything from birthday parties to weddings. As a long term career goal I could see myself as an event planner specializing in weddings and specialty openings. If I would to this route I would like to own my own facility where the event would be held.

I would love to be a casting agent because of my experience and knowledge in communications and theater. I've studied Method acting and the teachings of Strasberg, Stanislavski, Hagen, Adler, and Bogart. Because of my studies and knowledge in this area I would be well equipped to recognize strong acting and talented actors. Because of my experience in communications, I am able to recognize what actors would work best in film and television. 

I am well equipped in the video, film, and television field. I have written video and television scripts, shooting video, editing video, producing films, and directing television productions. I've overseen independent films from start to finish, creating special pieces. The facilities at Penn State Altoona have allowed me to grow in television production with the television studio and master control. I am strong in all of the television broadcast areas including but not limited to floor director, director, and producer. 

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